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1. Summer  CAMP CONNECT! June 12th – June 15th … Details coming soon!

2. Oak Ridge High School – May 12th. Luis Tomar and Kamal Harrison will spend a day with Oak Ridge High Schoolers talk about life and experiences in our Center. Thanks to Mr. Ranie Abia!

3. STEMS 2023Registration is open!!!! The 2023 Science and Technology of Emerging Materials Symposium (2023 STEMS) will be held on March 16-17, 2023, at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. Check our webpage out!

4. PREM Materials BOOTCAMP for High School students: July 18-19th!!! All day in the UCF campus in Research I. Join us if you have not registered.

Click here for poster and program details!

5. C-UDCEM joins hands with SDES-TRiO  (01/27/2022): We will present our Center to over 130 first generation and underserved college students at UCF at SDES TRiO. We hope some of you will join us in conducting exciting Materials Research! See you all on the 27th of Jan, 9:00 AM EST via the ZOOM link.

6. Second PREM Showcase Meeting between UCF and UW (12/2/2021): Dr. Alex Brozena from Advanced Editing LLC spoke about effective science writing. Nearly 30 participants attended the virtual zoom session. Thanks Dr. Brozena!

7. First PREM Showcase Meeting between UCF and UW (11/12/2021): Students from UCF and UW met each other via zoom. Thanks for Prof. Chen and Danica Hendrickson for organizing this!!!! Looking forward to many more.


8. First Social and meet ‘n greet (10/15/2021): The Center members at UCF met at Lake Claire. The team got to know each other over snacks, soccer and football.

9. Our first kickoff meeting via zoom (09/13/2021):