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C-UDCEM’s mission is to “increase diversity and institutional capacity in materials research through long term partnerships with the University of Washington, to promote innovative student research experiences, develop pedagogy based curriculum enhancements and nurture and grow an inclusive materials community.


Since its inception in 2021, C-UDCEM has played a major role in impacting the lives of URM students involved in materials research at the University of Central Florida. Through active recruitment, training and providing opportunities to interact with UW’s MRSEC, students from C-UDCEM have entered the the workforce and graduate school at world class institutions. We are proud of all of them!

C-UDCEM’s mission leverages the institutional strengths at UCF and the University of Washington to develop a community of outstanding materials researchers who are diverse and inclusive.

The pathway for our student-centric mission requires overcoming three barriers – awareness, preparation and opportunity, that under represented minority students often face in their academic journey. C-UDCEM will endeavor to break these barriers for our student cohort, while providing them cutting edge research experience in materials science.