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1. Water contact angle measurements: Mr. Luis Tomar shows how to make water contact angle measurements on various surfaces.

2. Using UV1800 for kinetic (in time) data accumulation: Jaynlynn Sosa shows how to use the UV1800 software to obtain basic UV-Vis and kinetic data from solutions.

3. Exfoliating 2D materials using the scotch tape technique – Favian Gonzalez shows how to exfoliate molybdenum disulfide using scotch tape.

4. Loading powders for atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating – Jaynlynn Sosa shows how to load our rotatory powder reactor in the viscous flow ALD reactor.

5. Colloidal metal oxide nanoparticle synthesis – Matthew Chang and Team Gamelin at UW demonstrate synthesis of colloidal metal oxide nanoparticles.