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1. Life as a researcher: Three PREM C-UDCEM undergraduate students – Kamal Harrison, Luis Tomar and Favian Gonzales, share their life and research experiences since the last 18 months with Professor Khondaker. The interview was recorded as part of the STEMS 2023 event on March 17th 2023 at UCF. It is an inspirational narrative as all three delve deep into the personal challenges each have faced and overcome with great aplomb!

2. Nano supercapacitors: 2D materials make efficient nano supercapacitors.


3. Water contact angle measurements: Mr. Luis Tomar shows how to make water contact angle measurements on various surfaces.

4. Using UV1800 for kinetic (in time) data accumulation: Jaynlynn Sosa shows how to use the UV1800 software to obtain basic UV-Vis and kinetic data from solutions.

5. Exfoliating 2D materials using the scotch tape technique – Favian Gonzalez shows how to exfoliate molybdenum disulfide using scotch tape.

6. Loading powders for atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating – Jaynlynn Sosa shows how to load our rotatory powder reactor in the viscous flow ALD reactor.

7. Colloidal metal oxide nanoparticle synthesis – Matthew Chang and Team Gamelin at UW demonstrate synthesis of colloidal metal oxide nanoparticles.