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Featured student: A son of Venezuelan immigrants, Mr. Christian Cabello obtained his BS in Physics in the Spring of 2023, working in Professor Michael Chini’s group. Christian is headed to the Institut Polytechnique de Paris for his PhD. Christian studied the non-linear optical properties of ultrathin materials such as 2D molybdenum disulfide and epitaxially grown zinc oxide films.
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Graduate Students:
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# Name  IRG My story

Mr. Dylan Jeff

Quantum Materials

I am a Honduran immigrant who moved to the United States when I was two years old. I was raised by a single mother of three who instilled in me a great sense of grit and perseverance simply by enduring the hardships that come with such a situation. I have been pursuing higher education in physics, a subject which I always admired as a child for its depth and endless amounts of application. I’d like my background to serve as an example for those who feel they’ve been pigeonholed into being a certain person due to issues they have had in the past. Through effort and persistence, one can go beyond whatever labels are placed on them by others and find themselves to be worth more than what they are led to believe.


Mr. Keith Blackman

Catalysis Keith is a graduate student in Physics. He is working with Professor Mihai Vaida understanding strong metal support interaction in precious metal / metal oxide supports using Ultra-high Vacuum (UHV) techniques.

Undergraduate Students:

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Luis Tomar

Luis is a sophomore in MSE from Apopka, FL. He loves playing the trombone and walking his dogs. Luis is working with Professor Banerjee studying atomic layer deposition of powder catalysts.

Kemah Kamiru-White

Kemah is a junior in Chemistry with Professor Jurca.

Kamal Harrison

Kamal is a junior in Physics working with Professor Khondaker

Gabriela Becerra

Gabriela Becerra is a junior in Physics.

Favian Gonzalez

Favian is a sophomore in Physics. He is a first generation college student whose parents are from Nicaragua. He is working with Professor Khondaker on testing new quantum materials.

Hector Vazquez

Hector is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. Hector's parents are both teachers and taught him the importance of doing well in school. His interests lie in material science and its applications in technology.

Giuliana Delatore

Giuliana Delatore is a sophomore in Physics.

Nicolas Ramos

Nicolas is a sophomore in Physics.

Andres Periera Bonilla

Andres Periera Bonilla is a junior in Physics.
Past Students and Alumni:

Christian Cabello

Mr. Chrisitan Cabello obtained his BS in Physics in 2023. He worked with Professor Michael Chini. Christian is now pursuing his PhD at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Ariel Tarrago

Ariel graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2022 and was hired as an Engineer in trainee with Battelle Corporation.

Izabela Freire

Ms. Izabela Freire got her MS in Materials Science and Engineering at UCF. She was an intern with Professor Banerjee. She is currently a process engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Emily Martinez

Emily is a junior in MSE.