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  1. Spectroscopic evidence of flat bands in breathing kagome semiconductor Nb3I8“, Sabin Regmi, Tharindu Fernando, Yuzhou Zhao, Anup Pradhan Sakhya, Gyanendra Dhakal, Iftakhar Bin Elius, Hector Vazquez, Jonathan D. Denlinger, Jihui Yang, Jiun-Haw Chu, Xiaodong Xu, Ting Cao & Madhab Neupane, Communication Materials, 3, (100), 2022.
  2. Release Rate Studies of 5-Aminosalacylic Acid Coated with Atomic Layer-Deposited Al2O3 and ZnO in an Acidic Environment“, Jaynlynn Sosa, S. Novia Berriel, Corbin Feit, Taylor M. Currie, Lorianne R. Shultz, Nicholas G. Rudawski, Titel Jurca, and Parag Banerjee, ACS Applied Bio Materials, (2022).

Conference Posters & Presentations:

  1. “Spectrum and Carrier Envelope Phase Dependence of High-order Harmonics in Bulk and Thin Film ZnO”, 2022 APS DAMOP meeting, Orlando, Christian A. Cabello, Yangyang Liu, Troie Journigan, S. Novia Berriel, Parag Banerjee, Michael Chini. (poster)
  2. “Large-area metal exfoliation of monolayer MoS2“, 2022 UCF Research Day Symposium, Orlando, Favian Gonzalez, Ammon E. Johnston, Saiful Khondaker. (poster)
  3. “The Effects of Surface Treatments on the Nucleation and Growth of Ruthenium on Tantalum Nitride”, AVS 68th International Conference and Symposium, Pittsburgh. C. Feit, U. Kumar, N. Berriel, Luis Tomar, S. Seal, P. Banerjee. (poster)
  4. “Effect of different pre-treatments on TaN surface energies”, 2022 UCF Research Day Symposium, Orlando, Luis Tomar, Corbin Feit, Parag Banerjee. (poster)
  5. “Effect of Surface Treatment of TaN for Rapid Nucleation and Growth of ALD Ru Films”, June 29th 2022, ALD 2022, Ghent, Belgium; Corbin Feit, Udit Kumar, Rafiqul Islam, Luis Tomar, Novia Berriel, Patrick Hopkins, Sudipta Seal, Parag Banerjee. (poster)