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#PREM student, Troie Journigan (Chini Group a@ UCF) publishes her paper "High harmonic generation in epitaxially grown zinc oxide films" in Journal of the Optical Society of America - B. Congrats Troie!!!

Great paper by the Jurca group with co PIs Uribo-Romo, Banerjee & Gamelin; @CudcemUCF and @uwmemc. Congrats!
Multivariate Analysis on the Structure–Activity Parameters for Nano-CuOx-Catalyzed Reduction Reactions | ACS Applied Nano Materials

for support.Latest report on charge density waves in GdTe3! Great work by Sabin Regmi @CudcemUCF and@uwmemcPIs!! Congratulations! Thanks to @NSF for the support.

Congratulations @NSF funded PREM student Dylan Jeff and @CudcemUCF and @uwmemc PI's on this wonderful publication!
Raman study of layered breathing kagome lattice semiconductor Nb3Cl8 via @ioppublishing

Congrats to PREM PIs Liu, Banerjee and Jurca on their latest publication!
Ultrathin Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 Overcoat Stabilizes Al2O3-Pt/Ni-Foam Hydrogenation Catalysts | ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Congrats to PREM PIs and @uwmemc on their recent publication in PRB
Phys. Rev. B 108, L121404 (2023) - Observation of flat and weakly dispersing bands in the van der Waals semiconductor ${\mathrm{Nb}}_{3}{\mathrm{Br}}_{8}$ with breathing kagome lattice

PREM faculty had an awesome time at PackForest. Thanks @uwmemc for hosting the all hands meeting. We continue to be inspired!


Awesome time in Seattle #ALDALE2023 with PREM UG student Terrick McNealy James and graduate student Novia Berriel from @Leadterp Banerjee Lab; Great seeing Dr Feit @UCFMSE mse alum!!!!


Congratulations to PREM Graduate Student @troiejournigan for winning the best poster award "High Harmonic Generation from Epitaxial Zinc Oxide Films" Best Graduate Student Poster Award at the LaserNetUS annual meeting.
! #LaserNetUS2023

We had an awesome week hosting High School students through UCF’s Camp Connect Program. Here they are on a time lapse video working on all things from quantum tunneling to single atom catalysis!!! Good luck with college apps next year y’all. via @YouTube

Congratulations @christiancabello (PREM CUDCEM alum!) on graduating with a BS in Physics from the University of Central Florida (@UCFPhysics). Good luck with your PhD at Institut Polytechnique de Paris (@IP_Paris_). Thanks to @nsfprem, @NSF for supporting Christian!

Wonderful day for our center @CudcemUCF as we spend the day with @OakRidgeHS_OCPS , STEM students. Thanks to our star students Mr. Luis Tomar and Mr. Kamar Harrison. Thanks so much Mr. Ranie Abia, all teachers and staff involved! Here's to many more such events in the future.

UCF PREM team is at Spring MRS in SF!!!! #S23MRS #materialsscience #materialsresearch #premnsf @Materials_MRS @UCFMSE @UCFCECS @UCF


Congratulations @christiancabello for accepting the Phd offer (Physics) from the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (@IP_Paris_ ). We at PREM CUDCEM at @UCF are proud of your achievements and excited at what the future holds for you! @nsfprem, @NSF

Our PREM Team - CUDCEM-UCF and MEMC-UW at the STEMS 2023 in Orlando. Also featured are visiting Program Officers from NSF - Drs D. Majumdar and S. Mamaghani. So glad we could all meet together. @nsf

12 Invited Talks, 18 Contributed Talks and 34 Posters!!! Incredible finish to the STEMS 2023 Conference. Thanks to all who made this a success! @uwmemc @PREMFIU @NSF

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